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Blossom arrived at our Burford rehoming centre in a very sorry state.
She was abandoned in Swindon, Wiltshire, and was picked up as a stray by the local dog warden.
The 18-month-old crossbreed, was suffering from severe mange. Her skin was red raw, she was terrified of people and she was very underweight.
Named Blossom by the team at Burford, the youngster was put in our isolation unit when she arrived at the end of May 2015. But, as stress can contribute to the severity of mange, Blossom spent most of her days in the office with Volunteer Coordinator Annalisa de Carteret. 
Blossom needed baths with a special soak twice a week to treat her demodex mange, taking between 20 and 30 minutes each time.
Hannah Bryan, an Animal Welfare Supervisor at our Burford rehoming centre, said: “The first course of medicated baths that we put her on didn’t work, so she had to have stronger medicated baths, called Aludex baths.
“Thankfully these baths did work, and she is now mange mite free.”
Poor Blossom was quite under socialised when she came in, and barked with alarm at men and children. To help her understand that people aren’t scary, our team used a positive training method called Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT), which helped to build her confidence.
Vanessa Margrave, an Animal Welfare Assistant at Burford, also spent lots of time with the young girl. She took Blossom for her first walk around the fields at Burford about 10 days after she arrived at the centre. 
Vanessa said: “She loves playing, especially with balls. She’s really grown in confidence and is very friendly now.”
Hannah added: “She has done amazingly well, learned fast and is now looking to find a new home. We’re really pleased for her.”

Update 17/09/2015:
Blossom is now well and truly part of the Holmes family, and spends her days getting all the love and attention she deserves from Ian, Karen and their son Dominic.
Following the sad loss of their dog, Buster, two years ago, the family had been without a dog for a while.
Ian Holmes said: “We deliberately didn’t have a dog for a bit of time because we missed him.  I don’t know what changed our minds, but we decided two years was long enough and every time I walked past someone else with their dog I just thought, ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to have a dog?’.”
Ian and Karen had always given a home to dogs with a sad background, so they were in no way put off by the thought of introducing a neglected stray to their pack.
Ian added: “She’s settled in extremely well. She comes to me, usually! We’ve become very attached.
“We’re just giving her as many experiences with people and other dogs as we can.”
Blossom is no longer scared of squeaky toys, and it’s a joy to watch her playing with them. 
She has discovered a taste for chewing Karen’s shoes – her best shoes – but that hasn’t stopped the family from becoming besotted with their new pet.
It’s not uncommon for new owners to change the names given to pets by rehoming centres, which can give them a new identity and help them begin a new stage in their lives. But the Holmes’s decided to stick with Blossom, and for good reason.
Ian says: “We couldn’t change her name. She had been given it because despite her past, they knew Blossom would bloom into a wonderful dog, and she has.”

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