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Customers search daily for deals and special offers on our site, introducing your business to new customers on Serveez is a great way to gain new jobs.

Listing your service deals and offers is fast and simple and only takes 3 minutes

Increase your sale and profit

Adding special offers or deals to your price list always a great way to increase sale and revenue. whether you are a new business or an establised one, Serveez will help you advertise and accept the profitable jobs you like

Build your business online reputation

When customer choose a service, checking reviews and past customer comments are an essential parts of the process. Your business will have it’s own special offers page showcasing your business services, prices, deal descriptions and past reviews, free start your page today. See an example

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Free list your business deals and special offers, it takes 3 minutes 


Only accept the jobs that suits you and reject the unsuitable ones

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Hassle free, all jobs are confirmed and booked on our platform


Get paid directly from your customer on completion of work

How Seveez will work for you

1- Free register and start adding your deals

Our system is simple and easy to use, in minutes you will have your deal descriptions, images, prices , terms and conditions listed on our site

2- Accept the jobs that suits you

We will send you an email alert every time you receive a new order, you will ahve 3 options:

  • You can accept the order and issue an invoice
  • Contact the customer for more information
  • or reject the order if not suitable

3- Get paid directly on completion

After the completion of the job successfully , you will get paid the full agreed amount directly from the customer at end of work


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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple process and clear payment charges with no hidden costs

What is Serveez?

Serveez is a local service platform generates  job leads to business and freelancers through special offers advertised on our site

Serveez acts as introductory service between business providers / freelancer adverting a service deal and customers wishing to purchase that deal / special offer

How much do you charge to generate a job lead for me ?

Currently no charges , you receive full listed offer price from your customer

How do I get paid and when?

After the completion of the work, the customer will pay you directly the outstanding amount

Depends on the payment methods you have listed on your offer, you can can get paid Cash, cheque or by credit cards

Can I cancel a job I have accepted?

Yes, you can as long as you give the customer enough notice, preferably 1 week before due date

You also need to inform us do we can refund the booking deposit to the customer

We have used the service several times to advertise our special offers and every time we have manged to get a very good response
Mike Accountant
Serveez was a great help for my business, I have built a network of many regular customers through my business page on Serveez
Monica Party Entertainer
My bookings increased during low season while using special offer on Serveez
Jack Photographer